Elon Musk might limit the number of tweets you can watch each month.

Twitter is now undergoing significant improvements thanks to Elon Musk, including the Blue subscription with universal verification. There are further adjustments that the new CEO of Twitter may not have mentioned in public, but he may have addressed privately with his advisors. In talks, Musk and one of his senior advisors proposed setting a monthly cap on the number of tweets non-paid users can view, the tech newsletter Platformer said.

Musk is still debating the concept, so Twitter may eventually fall entirely behind a paywall. According to the source, the microblogging website may be available without charge to all users for a specific amount of time each month, following which a paywall will go into effect. It essentially means that non-paying users will only be allowed to access tweets during the times when they are not protected by a barrier.

According to the article, these improvements are still in the discussion stage and, assuming Musk approves the concept, it will be some time before they become accessible to the general public. While this is going on, Twitter’s developers are concentrating on launching their updated Blue membership service, which gives users the option to become verified for a $8 monthly fee. After the US mid-term elections are complete, the new Blue subscription plan, according to reports, will go into force.

Many Twitter users abandoned the service when Musk gained control, citing an increase in intolerance and hate. Since Musk became the new owner, the microblogging platform has suspended almost 1.3 million accounts. Given that Musk has previously asserted to be a “free speech absolutist,” several people have condemned this action. Almost half of the company’s employees were laid off, and Musk is receiving harsh criticism for it, even if he later called some of those workers back into the office to restart their jobs at Twitter.

Right now, it is obvious how Musk will lead Twitter in the future. But in the coming days, there should be greater clarity over where the firm will draw the line between hate speech and free speech. Additionally, we might observe the business responding to advertiser complaints so they can restart advertising on the platform.

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