Apple may discontinue “Hey Siri” in favour of “Siri.”

Apple is apparently working on modifying Siri’s trigger phrase from “Hey Siri” to just “Siri,” and if everything goes according to plan, the tech giant will roll out the change next year or the year after. The modification necessitates “a large amount of AI training and underlying engineering development,” according to Mark Gurman.

Even though the “Siri” prompt will need one fewer syllable to correctly pick up the signal, Apple wants to make sure that it functions equally well in a variety of accents and dialects. One of the biggest challenges in executing the shift will be this. Although Apple programmers will have to work hard to create the functionality, rivals like Amazon and Microsoft already have similar features in place much sooner than the Cupertino tech titan.

In 2018, Microsoft renamed “Hey Cortana” to just “Cortana,” while Amazon did the same for its smart devices by removing the “Hey” from “Hey Alexa.” Apple’s efforts, though, go beyond simply getting Siri to respond to the “Siri” command. In order to make sure that Siri responds appropriately when activated, Apple is reportedly trying to further integrate its voice assistant with third-party apps and services.

All Apple devices that support Siri should be able to be awakened using the “Siri” command once these modifications go into effect. Apple’s most recent attempt to enhance the Siri experience was a few minor interface adjustments on Apple TV.

On your Apple device, do you utilise Siri? How would you like it to be awakened? Comment with your ideas in the space provided.

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