Due to the Android 12L Update, Surface Duo owners are facing a broad range of issues.

Owners of the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 have experienced issues following the installation of the Android 12L upgrade. An update for the aforementioned devices is therefore anticipated in the upcoming days and weeks.

Affected owners have reported issues with the Surface Duo Android 12L upgrade on several platforms, with the issues varying from user to user.

One Surface Duo owner expressed frustration about not being able to hotspot their phone in the Microsoft forum. “Once I turn it on, it immediately shuts off, and occasionally the Settings App crashes. In essence, I’m no longer able to use this service. I could list some of the other bugs I have, but this one is the worst.
As the issue spread to other locations, more people discovered other bugs while others confirmed the issue. The Surface Duo enthusiast Shane Craig claims he’s experiencing the similar problems and recently revealed the experimental “force desktop mode” in the update. Craig also listed the issues that users from Reddit and YouTube had reported, resulting in a lengthy list of flaws, in his most recent YouTube video.

The list includes issues such as phones that won’t charge, apps that won’t show up even after being started, the lack of 5G, the inability to dismiss apps from Recent Apps, screenshot hotkey issues, lag, dead displays, broken mics and speakers, and more.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the issue, but given how widespread it is among Surface Duo users, it is likely already aware of it and working on a fix.

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