Microsoft Announces Rollout of Windows 10 22H2 Without Sharing Details

Additional Windows 11 Features are not the only news Microsoft has today. The company also released the Windows 10 20022 Update (Windows 10 version 22H2) this Wednesday.

While Microsoft is loudly promoting the October Windows 11 feature drops, the company has not shared details about the new features coming to Windows 10 in the 22H2. It is understandable, as Microsoft is trying to get more customers to adopt Windows 11, since the end of support Windows 10 in 2025 nears. It is clear that there are no major improvements to be expected. The update will likely be a maintenance release of the OS with few changes. Microsoft stated that 22H2 will contain “a limited range of new features and functionality” and is “focused on quality improvements to Windows’ overall experience in existing feature areas like quality, productivity, and security.”

Windows 10 2022 Update is a cumulative update that will be available for computers running version 21H2, 21H1, and 20H2. Reinstallation is required if you have an older version. This service will be available to Windows 10 users who do not meet the minimum Windows 11 requirements. However, if they do, Windows will recommend an upgrade to the latest OS version.

It is also important to remember that 22H2 will not be available immediately. Microsoft will still have to verify that the machines are free of any issues, such as drivers, hardware and antivirus, in order to ensure smooth installation. You are likely to be the first one to get the update if your computer has the most recent configuration.

You can check the release availability if you are interested. You can check the availability of the release by visiting SettingsUpdate and Security Windows Update, then selecting Check For Updates. You can select the time it takes to install so that it doesn’t interrupt your normal activities.

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