For Surface Duo devices, Gmail for Android has been upgraded

Now, when using Gmail for Android, you may use the entire Surface Duo screen. The software now occupies both screens, with items assigned to each screen separately, making it neater and more aesthetically pleasant.

The Surface Duo 2 and the original Surface Duo are only two examples of the technological sector’s ongoing innovation. Unfortunately, the two displays of the aforementioned gadgets are too sophisticated for the present layouts and designs of many apps. By issuing updates that will help device users, app developers and manufacturers are attempting to reroute this trend. Google, which is apparently testing out new adjustments to Gmail, is one of the most recent businesses to join others in making their software more fit for double-screen foldable gadgets.

Though not all Surface Duo owners have received the feature’s version 2022.07.24.464902190 update, those who have seen the streamlined software have posted screenshots of Gmail’s updated design. The Surface Duo’s screens are shown dividing Gmail into two areas in a post by a Reddit user going by the moniker of Path Fantastic: the left one has the list of emails and the search box, and the right one has the selected email’s content.

Other programmes also made similar announcements to assist them make greater use of the Surface Duo devices’ two screens. This includes the GBoard, which at the time was experimenting with dividing the keyboard to allow easy use of both thumbs. Whereseek now has the same layout in Gmail as Talon for Twitter, which allows viewing of numerous posts on both screens, while the latter allows viewing of multiple posts on one screen and points of interest on another.

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