Google Wallet is now returning, so bye, Google Pay

The Google Pay app vanished from our Android smartphone in the last few hours and was replaced by the Google Wallet app, as was announced (see below). Google Wallet can be found on the Google Play Store. Google Wallet will appear when you search for Google Pay in the Google Play Store or on an Android smartphone.

Users will be informed of the change when they access Google Wallet for the first time. Google informs users that “Your Google Pay app has a new design and is now called Google Wallet.” Everything remains unchanged; it just gets simpler. There is nothing new that users need to set up. Cards that have been saved are automatically moved to Google Wallet.

Among other things, “Add to wallet” allows you to add more credit cards, travel cards, loyalty points, gift cards, boarding passes, and event tickets. If the “Intelligent functionality and personalization in other Google products” function is enabled, email-received boarding passes, for instance, will be automatically added to Google Wallet.

Message from July 19, 2022, originally:

Google has begun distributing the “Google Wallet” app to consumers, signaling the end of the “Google Pay” app. The Google Play Store will release an update that will “Google Wallet” in place of “Google Pay” for users. According to, the first customers are already receiving this update. In the end, this is Google Pay app version 2.150.460235810, which alters the app’s name. The accompanying app will be made available to “Android users in 39 countries” in the “next few days,” a Google official told The Verge.

What Google Wallet provides is this.
At Google I/O 2022, Google unveiled “Google Wallet.” Users should be able to store all of their credit and debit cards, gift cards, tickets, digital keys, immunization records, and boarding passes in the digital wallet in addition to using NFC to conduct contactless payments. Digital driver’s licenses and other things came later.

In any case, “Google Wallet” is not quite new. The program originally went by this name in the early 2010s, but later that year it was changed to “Google Pay” once the features of “Google Wallet” and “Android Pay” were combined. The name has since been changed to “Google Wallet.”

The “Google Pay” app will be replaced with “Google Wallet” in nearly 40 nations, including Germany and many other European nations, according to Google. However, Google Pay and Google Wallet will continue to exist as two distinct apps in the US and Singapore. This is so that people can rapidly send money to friends in these nations using the “Google Pay” app.

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