Introducing edit history in iOS 16 beta 4

The long-awaited edit history feature was added to iOS 16’s new iMessage editing tool in the most recent developer beta, which Apple unveiled last Wednesday. This allays earlier worries that the capability can be misused by others to send messages with altered content without the recipient being aware of what the original message was about.

When the information regarding the identical feature for their platform appeared online, Twitter encountered the same problem. However, it was later discovered by a number of app leakers that the software behemoth is investigating a method to enable users to access the edit history of tweets. With the release of the next developer beta, Apple followed suit.

You can see the text that says “Edited” next to an edited message in this instance. By tapping it, you can see the various edits, which are all displayed as gray bubbles. The modifications will appear above the most recent updated message to make it easier to view and more convenient.

When finished, simply tap the text that says “Hide Edits” below the message to make the history vanish. Thankfully, since a message may only be updated five times, unfolding the edit history won’t take up much room on iMessage. When you long-press on the message after you’ve used up this limit, the “Edit” option will be gone.

Apple also made another modification that was aimed at avoid transmitting messages. The time limit was once up to 15 minutes, but it is now only two. (Editing a message, however, still has a 15-minute time limit.) Users of iOS 16 may wish to take extra precautions while generating and sending messages in light of these changes, especially given that Apple is working to increase messaging service openness.

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