Soon, Chromebooks will be able to connect to mobile hotspots

Google is developing a new function that will let Chromebooks act as a mobile hotspot for other gadgets. The development on the upgrade has barely begun, but it will expand upon some of the mobile data capabilities that some Chromebooks now have, according to 9To5Google.

The purpose of laptops is to free us from the burden of large, heavy desktop computers. However, laptops’ necessity for connectivity limits how portable they may be. Google made an effort to address this by releasing a few Chromebook models with mobile data capabilities, enabling you to continue using the internet no matter where you are. It is surprising that Chromebooks are still unable to use this feature, which is also available on phones and comes with a free hotspot capability. With this recently started Chromebook upgrade effort, Google hopes to fix that.

It was discovered by Google on the Chromium Gerrit web-based code review platform that Google developers use to examine upgrades. Chromebooks with mobile data capability will be able to use the feature, which can be enabled by visiting chrome:/flags. Apart from that, no additional information is provided, like whether or not it would have a specific shortcut widget for simple access or how much data the Chromebook would transmit to other connected devices.

It will be an interesting update to anticipate for Chromebooks because it will improve the device’s portability. Users can anticipate longer connectivity times compared to utilizing phones for data sharing because this capability allows users to exchange data from a device with a considerably larger battery life. Last but not least, this new feature will make Chromebooks more adaptable, which should make them more appealing to people who need a working laptop even when there isn’t much WiFi available.

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