Amazon will raise the cost of Prime membership in Europe

Amazon said that it would raise the cost of its yearly Prime subscription by up to 43% in Europe in September in an email to consumers. Two days prior to the release of its Q2 earnings reports, Amazon made its announcement. On September 15, the modifications will be available in European markets.

According to Amazon, the price increase is the result of a number of things, including inflation, operating expenses, quicker delivery, and more streaming content. The e-commerce behemoth raised the cost of its Prime membership earlier this year from $119 to $139. However, not all areas of Europe have experienced the same price increases.

The cost of a Prime membership in the UK has increased from £79 to £95 as of September. Customers will see increases of 36% and 43%, respectively, in Italy and France. In France, the cost has increased from 69 to 89.90 euros, and in Italy, it has increased from 36 to 49.90 euros. These are the annual pricing hikes for Amazon Prime in Europe:

UK – £79 to £95, an increase of 20%
France From €49 to €69.90, an increase of 43%
Germany – an increase of 30% from €69 to €89.90
Italy – €36 to €49.90, a gain of 39%
Spain From €36 to €49.90, an increase of 39%
The monthly subscription plan will also be affected by the new price rise in addition to the annual subscription fee. In European markets, the monthly price will likewise rise by £1 or €1 each month.

Free one-day shipping on orders, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and other Amazon digital platforms and services are just a few of the perks that come with an Amazon Prime membership. Additionally, in order to continue receiving these benefits, Prime subscribers in Europe will also need to pay extra on that day.

What do you think about the price increase in your area if you live in Europe? Please share your opinions in the section below.

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