Microsoft is releasing Turning Image Super Resolution for Microsoft Edge and Bing Maps

Poor-quality photographs are unpopular because they frequently make it difficult to perceive the details and so ruin the entire experience. We can all agree that poor-quality images are common online right now, but Microsoft might put an end to this. The Turning Image Super Resolution technology was developed by Microsoft and uses a lot of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve poor-quality photos. This technology has already been implemented on Bing Maps, and as of right now, users of Microsoft Edge Canary will receive it.

Changing Image Super Resolution for Microsoft Edge and Bing Maps

Image Super Resolution for Bing Maps and Microsoft Edge

The goal is to permanently eliminate low-resolution images off the internet via Turning Image Super Resolution. The future may see customers utilizing Microsoft Edge’s features whenever they wish to see photos on the web by integrating this technology into Edge.

In Microsoft Edge, we are starting to roll out the model to allow users to enhance the images they see on the web with the goal of turning Microsoft Edge into the best browser for viewing images on the web. We have seen early promising feedback from our users and are continuing to improve the experience as it scales to serve all images on the internet!

Turning Image Super Resolution appears to be the real deal, based on the sample images Microsoft provided in its blog post. Since not all photographs uploaded are of the highest quality, we can notice more information in the converted photos thanks to the new technology that Microsoft is introducing.

While some photographs only reveal slight changes, others are essentially like night and day. We think what Microsoft is doing in this area is extremely impressive, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

Visit Rome, the Italian capital, if you want to see it in action using Bing Maps.

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