Microsoft provides a Command Palette to developers for Edge Canary versions 105 and later

Command Palette to developers for Edge
The palette can be launched through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Space and will offer browser management and developer tools.

On Edge Canary versions 105 and later, Microsoft is currently testing a Command Palette. Even while Edge already has a variety of web development tools, having newer, simpler access to them makes things more practical. Microsoft stated that you will “feel right at home” using it because it is comparable to those present in VS Code and PowerToys.

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Space can be used to open the palette, which provides developer and browser administration tools. Having said that, site developers can quickly and easily access tools for managing bookmarks, tabs, collections, simulating mobile devices, emptying cache memory, and more.

According to Microsoft, the Command Palette allows users to quickly access developer and productivity capabilities without having to navigate through a number of menus or use a number of keyboard shortcuts.

By opening Microsoft Edge, going to edge:/version (you can see the most recent preview channels of Microsoft Edge on Microsoft Edge Insider Channels), then edge:/flags, users of Microsoft Edge Canary version 105 and later can enable this new capability. Simply type DevTools Toaster or Command Palette into the Search flags text bar to bring up a dropdown option. Simply choose Enabled. Click the Restart button that now shows in the lower right after that. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+Space to bring up the Command Palette after restarting your computer.

The Command Palette’s keyboard usage is covered in detail in a support paper from Microsoft. This includes using the Device Emulation tool, creating and utilizing snippets, and controlling browser tabs. To check them, simply click the link.

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