Through the Azure Space Partner Community, Microsoft strengthens its relationships with space industry businesses

Microsoft announced the Azure Space Partner Community to help partners better understand the space business. The digital behemoth claims that a “ecology of space partners” will profit in several ways, from scaling up solutions to co-innovation. Microsoft wants to secure more collaborations in the future in order to grow its network of space community partners as a result of this launch.

Microsoft claims that since the launch of Azure Space in 2020, it has already formed a number of relationships with startups, ISVs, manufacturers, systems integrators, and space operators, to mention a few. Omnispace, Orbital Insight, SES, SkyWatch, SpaceX, Thales Alenia Space, Xplore, US Electrodynamics, Airbus, Amergint, Ball Aerospace,, Esri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, iDirect, Intelsat, Kratos, KSAT, Loft Orbital, Nokia, and Viasat are just a few of its current partners.

Azure Space is now able to provide more beneficial services like connection, earth observation, virtualization, data processing, analytics, and ground infrastructure thanks to partnerships with other businesses. Customers will enjoy the service more as a result of the introduction of Azure Space Partner Community.

Stephen Kitay, Senior Director of Microsoft Azure Space, says in a blog post that “the Azure Space Partner Community enables our partners to bring the most complete and innovative offers to their customers, helping to influence the future of space technology and services.” “The space sector is developing quickly, and we believe in the strength of bringing this group together in an ecosystem… ” With our initial batch of partners, we are eager to quickly develop and advance the industry, and we anticipate welcoming new partners soon.

Additionally, Microsoft promises to offer a wide range of advantages to its partners and other businesses that join the community. Co-innovation and engineering, scale and assistance for the go-to-market, marketing and community involvement, and product providing incentives are all part of it.

Companies interested in joining the community can now sign up today

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