Microsoft offers new video tutorials to help you understand the fundamentals of Windows 11

Many of our readers are already pretty familiar with all of Windows 11’s beneficial features. However, utilizing Windows 11 for the first time won’t be simple for people who are new to the platform, especially if you have previously used another operating system. Microsoft has released a series of films describing some of the features of its newest desktop operating system to aid users in understanding its fundamentals.

“Meet Windows 11” is the title of a recent video series from Microsoft that consists of three quick clips. First, the video series explains how some of the fundamental elements of the operating system—such as universal search, desktop groups, and Microsoft accounts—work. Microsoft discusses how you may customize your Windows experience in the second brief video. As mentioned in the video, you may customize your Windows by picking a desktop backdrop, adding widgets, and creating collections for the websites you visit.

Finally, the third brief film in the “Meet Windows 11” series illustrates how to utilize new and improved programs like the Photos app, Microsoft Store, and Phone Link to get the most out of Windows 11. Whether you’re working on your phone or your PC, the Phone Link app keeps you inspired and productive. Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well as Android support the app. Additionally included in the longer than two-minute movie are the updated Microsoft Store, Edge, Mail, Calendar, and Paint.

Are you new to the most recent desktop operating system from Microsoft? If so, please let us know if the new video series from Microsoft was helpful. And if you’re an experienced user, tell us if there’s anything in the videos you didn’t know. Please tell us in the comments.

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