Twitter is experimenting with an ALT badge reminder tool

Twitter’s platform got the ALT badge or picture description a few months ago. Twitter wants you to start using it now that everyone can access it. With this, the blue bird app started a test that will remind 10% of its users worldwide to utilise the feature across Android, iOS, and the Web.

In 2020, Twitter created its own accessibility team, and since then, the platform has undergone ongoing development. One of them is the ALT badge. These image descriptions, well, provide image descriptions regarding posts for the uninformed. Basically, when the image itself cannot appear, they should assist you in understanding what the photo in the post includes. When it comes to accessibility, it is intended to help screen reader users who have limited vision or other visual impairments. Twitter users can use this functionality by simply clicking the ALT badge in the bottom-right corner of the image. It is highly helpful for everyone and can also be used to explain the post’s context.

According to Twitter, the inclusion of the reminder tool aims to increase platform accessibility. The social media behemoth tweets, “If you forget to add image descriptions, turning on the reminder will be a major favour to your future self.” Additionally, to everyone on Twitter. Actually, everyone would be assisting everyone if everyone turned it on. People should find it simple to make their Tweets accessible, according to us. People with impairments and anyone who needs more context for information can easily gain access to information by using image descriptions.

Even the test group participating will have the choice to ignore the reminder. By heading to the account’s settings, the accessibility section, and the “Images” header, it can be turned on. Once on, a prompt that asks you to write picture descriptions when posting images will always appear.

On the other side, Twitter addressed the issue of what its users think about it, even though the idea and overarching aim for the development of ALT badges are positive. Though many are using it for the correct purposes, some tend to utilise the feature to indicate the subliminal meanings conveyed by their posts.

According to Twitter, there is disagreement over whether having poor or erroneous image captions is preferable to having none at all. Our advice is to always create excellent image descriptions.

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