Major Windows releases could be released every three years

Microsoft changed its release schedule from two significant updates per year to one per year with the launch of Windows 11. However, a rumour from Windows Central claims that the software behemoth is once more implementing a new development cycle that will see Microsoft releasing significant Windows updates every three years.

Starting in 2023, Windows 11 will receive four updates per year adding new features. Microsoft will deliver these improvements “at crucial periods throughout the year,” outside of major releases, as part of a new engineering initiative called “Moments.”

The introduction of the Windows 11 Sun Valley 3 update was initially scheduled for 2023 by Microsoft. However, the corporation has officially abandoned the Sun Valley 3 release as it switches to a new development cycle. Instead, it will gradually introduce Sun Valley 3 capabilities to Windows 11 22H2 over the course of the year. It’s unclear, though, whether Microsoft would update Windows 11 when the Sun Valley 3 improvements are released.

Every three years, Microsoft makes a significant update to Windows. Before Windows 10 hit the market, major Windows releases occurred every three years. Releases of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 were three years apart. Microsoft’s new release schedule represents a return to the past.

According to the claim, Microsoft will release the next major version of Windows in 2024. Although the official name is not “Next Valley,” Microsoft internally refers to it as such. We have heard reports about the development of Windows 12, which may be the name of the operating system’s upcoming major release. You should, however, take these speculations with a grain of salt since Microsoft has not released any official statements regarding them.

Are you satisfied with Microsoft’s new development cycle, if the reports are accurate? Do you like it better than an annual release schedule? Post your comments with your ideas.

Source: Windows Central

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