Massive Update to Power BI Desktop Just Released!

Microsoft has just updated Power BI Desktop with a bunch of new features and updates. The full list of the 44 new features can be found here. Here some of the more interesting features.

Drill Up and Down for Column and Scatter Charts

This is a key feature that was in Power View charts but missing from Power BI at launch. You can now define column and scatter charts with drill down capabilities.

Calculated Tables

Calculated tables are virtual tables created from existing tables but filtered by a DAX expression. For example, you could create a calculated table of just customers who are from New York. Calculated tables work like regular tables, can be used in relationships and hierarchies and can be used to create dashboards.

Support for Querying Multiple Mailboxes

The Exchange Connector now supports queries for multiple mailboxes, each with their own credentials. Using this new feature, user can combine data from multiple mailboxes into a single report.

Support for Inserting Shapes Into Reports

Users can now insert a shape such as a rectangle, oval, triangle or arrow into their reports.

Data Labels Formatting

You can now adjust the display units, font colors and data precision of data labels.

Support for Logarithmic Y Axis

In addition to the normal linear scale, you can now have a logarithmic scale for your Y Axis.

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