Shrink Your WordPress Azure Web Site Memory Usage by Switching Comments Form to Disqus

As traffic on this web site has increased, the memory usage on Azure Web Sites has been creeping up, overwhelming the quotas on my Shared plan. A Shared Instance of Azure Web Sites is allocated 512 MB of “memory usage” per hour which can be overwhelmed quickly if you get a reasonable amount of traffic.

One simple way to increase your quota is to scale up the number of instances – each new instance also increases your quota. In my current configuration, runs on 2 shared instances which provides me a quota of 1024 MB / hour. I have scaled this up to 3 instances when there has been noticeably higher traffic.

One of the ways I have found to keep this usage contained is a pretty simple one – I switched my comments form to Disqus. I was receiving approximately 500-1000 comments a day that were all spam which I’m convinced was increasing the load on my web site by at least 50-100%. Switching to Disqus has killed the spam entirely and more importantly completely offloads comments to another service.

Turning on Disqus is pretty easy in WordPress – just sign up for an account and then install the disqus plugin and it will replace your default WordPress comment form.

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