Power View, Power BI and Power BI Preview User Interface Compared

I built a demo dashboard for managing tickets for an IT department using Power View and then uploaded to the current Power BI in SharePoint, and the new Power BI Preview environment. Here are the different user interfaces for the same dashboard.

Excel 2013 Power View

Here is what the dashboard looks like in Excel 2013…

SharePoint 2013 Power BI (Silverlight)

Pretty close to the original, and fonts are the same as the original. Everything is a little bit smaller because of the extra chrome. KPI checkmarks are also quite a bit smaller.

SharePoint 2013 Power BI (HTML 5)

Fonts aren’t quite right…

Power BI “App”

Microsoft also has a Power BI App in SharePoint. The dashboards are the same but the Office Online chrome is removed.

Power BI Preview

Same dashboard now in the new Power BI Preview environment. Grid layout has been shifted (notice how the chart doesn’t go across the entire bottom of the screen), Fonts are not the same as the original and everything is a little bit smaller on the screen.

Power BI Preview Dashboard

Power BI Preview also has an interactive dashboard that you can visualizations to in order to combine data from multiple reports. Here is what the same report looks like as a new Power BI Preview dashboard. You can see that colors have been shifted and the fonts are also now controlled by Power BI. In general, fonts are quite small, especially on a tablet or mobile device.

Note: You cannot pin tables to a dashboard yet…only charts.

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