SharePoint Site Collection Best Practices – Lessons From the Field

Site CollectionWe have been conducting some migration analysis and SharePoint planning for a couple of our clients and as part of it we did an inventory on their site collection structure. We found two contrasting site collection deployment strategies:

  • Client 1 has 4 site collections in their SharePoint 2007 farm, each with more than 500 GB of documents.  Each site collection was stored in its own content database.
  • Client 2 has created site collections for every small team, department, etc.  Anyone who wanted a site essentially got their own site collection.  They have 400 site collections for ~600 GB of content and about ~2500 sites.

A Site Collection in SharePoint is perhaps the most important logical boundary in the farm. However, when we perform assessments on SharePoint programs for our clients, we find that the Site Collection is very often abused or misused to the point where it has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the platform. People don’

I have put together a presentation that is now available on slideshare that outlines recommendations on the use of the Site Collection based on industry best practices and our own direct experience.

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