Odd Change in Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 in Office 365–Filterable Columns in Lists

In our consulting practice, we have a document library for storing our sales presentations, documents, and templates. In order to make it easier to find older materials, we created a “Sales Document” content type with a number of filterable columns. The columns use the term store to provide a hierarchical tag structure.

We originally created the document library in the SharePoint 2010 version of Office 365 and over the weekend we upgraded to SharePoint 2013. In upgrading, our filter columns broke – in our list view they are no longer filterable! If you hover over the column, you get the error, “This column type cannot be sorted or filtered”.

I thought it might be some corruption during the upgrade process, so I created a new Document Library and assigned the exact same content type with the same columns. The document library worked just fine.

Then I turned on Metadata Navigation Fields for hierarchy and filter fields and my problem re-occurred.

So here seems to be the rule: if you turn on navigation filtering, the filtering within the column header becomes disabled. This seems to be new to 2013 as I had turned these on in 2010 and it worked just fine.

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